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A cleaner, greener energy future today

Solar water heating (SWH) is now the BEST green investment you can make for your home.
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Rooftop PV

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Enhance your energy security & reduce your energy costs with solar photovoltaics (PV)
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Energy Efficiency in the Home

The are better things to spend your money on than electricity

Make your home or office more energy efficient with these simple steps & save
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All members are listed in the online membership directory. Other benefits include invitations to courses, symposia, meetings and discussion groups. For attendance to these a members-only preference rate might be payable. Depending on the type and category of membership, a few other benefits may also be had such as reduced advertising rates in SESSA publications, referral of business enquiries and free product/service display opportunities. All members of SESSA also become associate members of ISES.

All SESSA members endeavour to see the abundant solar resources being used to positively impact on the quality of life for forthcoming generations. If you care, join us and help ensure that we leave our children with a sustainable and environment friendly inheritance. If you are interested in becoming a SESSA member, please download the membership documents, complete them and send them to the back to SESSA as per the instructions on the application form.


[consumers] Why choose a SESSA member?

Established in 1974, SESSA is a non-profit association promoting rooftop renewable energy generation and energy efficiency in homes and businesses. Members include suppliers of solar water heating, solar photovoltaics and energy efficiency products and services. SESSA also hosts the industry ombudsman who can be called upon in disputes.


[suppliers] Why become a SESSA member?

As a SESSA member, both you and your customers will benefit from having the peace of mind that the mediation of the SESSA Ombudsman can provide in the event of a dispute. In addition, you'll be listed in the SESSA directory as a trusted supplier who adheres to SESSA's Code of Conduct.